Table of Hope

As we expand to meet the needs in Morris County, we will need your support more than ever. We are in the process of getting our Mobile Food Pantry off the ground so we can reach approximately 1,200 more families across Morris County who are in need of food. We can’t do it alone! Donate today! Your gift makes all the difference!

Volunteers needed:

Marketing, Serving, Set up and Clean Up, Food Drives, and Drivers

Contact for serving, food drives, donations:

Teresa Williams 973-998-9330 Email

Contact for set up, clean up, and maintenance:

Michael McCloe 973-270-6976

Table Of Hope Mobile Pantry

Please help support our MOBILE FOOD PANTRY !!

Our goal is to ensure 1,000 households get much needed food!!!!    

🥕🥔 We appreciate and value your support!

Table of Hope